The COVID-19 pandemic has created a "new" normal for managing large-scale infectious disease as well as the management of populations seeking to successfully return to normative activities. The ability to safely and confidently transition from rigid social-distancing to in-person work or public routine activities requires an assurance that employees or visitors entering a facility can attest to being free of symptoms associated with the COVID-19 virus. We needed a system allowing each employee or visitor to attest to their COVID-19 symptom status and have that information saved for HR and environmental safety purposes. In addition to supporting the attestation process, COVIDClear also tracks user work locations to determine infection "hotspots" on your campus or environment. COVIDClear is of particular relevance in supporting healthcare employees protect their patients, co-workers, themselves and their families as they confront the pandemic in their hospitals and care delivery environments.

What it does

COVIDClear is the mobile app symptom attestation solution for employers to assess and track the COVID-19 status of their workforce. By answering a brief series of symptom screening questions, mobile users can affirm if they are COVID-19 symptom free or select which symptoms they are currently experiencing.

A native mobile app that allows employees enter a daily attestation statement. These statements will change the app into a 'badge' page (Clear [Green], Risk [Yellow], Alert [Red]). The app will also maintain a history of statements. The mobile app will use the companies Active Directory or external authentication service. We intend to use AWS Cognito's Federated services to make the solution accessible to many authentication services.

The system will also provide a back-end HR reporting service. The service will send a notification to staff with a COVIDClear Admin role. The user will be able to download daily and summary reports via HTTPS (HIPAA compliance) via a secure web site.

The system will also provide a stand-alone javascript-based applet. This applet can be used to embed in another web-based solution but utilize the same cloud services.

How we built it

Mobile App: iOS and Android native app AWS: API GW; Lambda; Cognito; DynamoDB; IAM Roles; Teraform Web App: React Web Applet: Javascript

Who’s doing what in the team?

  • Mobile Team: iOS [Roschaun,& Devin], Android [Chris & Zion]
  • AWS Team: Ed & Kjersti
  • Web App: Ed
  • Web Applet: Greg
  • Design: Leo
  • SME: Bruce, Ashley, Kimberly, Jerry
  • Marketing: Dave A.

Challenges we are running into

Tenant registration and admin user registration is limited to a manual step right now. After the hack-a-thon, that will need to be automated.

Current business challenges include

Don't know if the employee has successfully completed a COVID-19 test. This solution can be an initial start of an interoperability solution connecting patient COVID-19 test results with COVIDClear.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am very proud to be part of a incredibly smart development team.  COVIDClear has been requested by many companies we are talking with. This solution will help all staff know that essential personnel working close together are safe.

What I learned

How important a good team that trusts each others opinions really matters to get things done quickly.

What's next for COVIDClear

Being able to connect a person's CovidClear record with a national covid-clear status - interoperability services.



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