The Covid-19 Pandemic is changing our everyday lives. I want to help make people find meaning and provide them a different channel to connect over - one based on reciprocity and acts of kindness.

What it does

CovidQuest is a digital ecosystem designed to help promote strong community values and support whilst also providing a means to champion one's own progress and goals whilst having a way of sharing and engaging with the community.

It is a digital environment where people have online avatars which they can customise - these avatars also have stats and other features which they can boost through different means inside of the ecosystem.

There are achievements, and a rewards system. The way the reward system works is that a user can register a request to the community and others can choose to reply to it. If the quest is completed, the reward is provided to the winning participant. These are stat boosts, achievements, and more.

How I built it

It is built using React-Native & Nodejs for the backend along a MySQL database. The AR is provided using the Viro library, and Google Maps is used for the mapping. It has only been tested for android, but it should work on both platforms. A compiled APK will be provided.

Challenges I ran into

Getting the AR to work well with the map, and managing the transitioning. Additionally, getting the backend and the app to talk quickly enough for the hack-a-thon. Chat modules were a bit tricky to make user friendly and was short-cutted in favour of speed.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The general idea I think is unique, and I am proud of using AR within the application.

What I learned

A bunch of stuff about AR and some stuff with react native as well.

What's next for CovidQuest

Try to make it stable, put it up online somewhere and make it available for people to use. The game plan is to make it a service people can use as soon as possible.

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css, html5, node.js, react-native

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