I was inspired by the other API wrappers I saw so I decided to make a C# API wrapper for the Coronavirus tracking API

What it does

It fetches the data from the Coronavirus tracking API and let's the developers easily integrate the data into their projects

How we built it

We use .NET and C# plus the libraries RestSharp and Newtonsoft.Json

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The fact that we've made a project that will make other developers jobs easier while helping others to get the numbers and not stay in the dark

What's next for CovidSharp

We'll try to keep up with the API and add support when it introduces new data entries


            CoronavirusData data = new CoronavirusData();

            Console.WriteLine("Confirmed: " + data.LatestConfirmed());
            Console.WriteLine("Recovered: " + data.LatestRecovered());
            Console.WriteLine("Deaths: " + data.LatestDeaths());

            // Fetches the latest data of a country code.
            string country_code = "DK";
            Console.WriteLine("Denmark Confirmed: " + data.FromCountryCodeConfirmed(country_code));
            Console.WriteLine("Denmark Recovered: " + data.FromCountryCodeRecovered(country_code));
            Console.WriteLine("Denmark Deaths: " + data.FromCountryCodeDeaths(country_code));
            Console.WriteLine("Denmark population: " + data.FromCountryCodePopulation(country_code));

            // Fetches data of a country Name.
            string country_name = "China";
            Console.WriteLine("China Confirmed: " + data.FromCountryNameConfirmed(country_name));
            Console.WriteLine("China Recovered: " + data.FromCountryNameRecovered(country_name));
            Console.WriteLine("China Deaths: " + data.FromCountryNameDeaths(country_name));
            Console.WriteLine("China population: " + data.FromCountryNamePopulation(country_name));

            //Fetches the data of the Country/province associated with the ID
            Console.WriteLine("Name of the Faroe Islands: " + data.FromIDProvince("92"));
            Console.WriteLine("Name of the country of the Faroe Islands: " + data.FromIDCountry("92"));
            Console.WriteLine("Denmark Latitude: " + data.FromIDLatitude("94"));
            Console.WriteLine("Denmark Longtitude: " + data.FromIDLongitude("94"));
            Console.WriteLine("Denmark Population: " + data.FromIDPopulation("94"));

            // Fetches lists of data, if not defined the default source will be jhu
             Console.WriteLine(data.GetCountyList("csbs")); //The source is set to csbs

Try It out



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