To contribute something for the current disaster COVID-19 and to help people gets more awareness about social distancing.

What it does

Application let user to keying their symptoms and to track their status along with their own, Application also let user to monitor their society user's symptom and their status in a map to make sure they well manage their social distancing.

How I built it

To make it more sensible we split this into 2 phases, Phase 1 is ready and built as Native Android Application using Java and XML in Android Studio.

Challenges I ran into

Phase 1 is quite simple and not great challenges, but yes people should be really involved in helping their society, So I would say the implementation in real life is what the biggest challenge.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Got good feedback from my master and Yes appreciation from many the users too.

What I learned

Learnt to be react fast being an IT guy to help the people right around us.

What's next for CovidSpot

Phase 2, which traces user's contact with high security enabled and to play with the sensitive data, can only be possible with the government approval to implement such solution. Hope someone will realize and help us out implementing the Phase 2



android, java, xml

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