COVIDstory is dedicated to collect human stories during the COVID-19 pandemic and then share those stories when the owner allows us to do so.

What it does

It collects and spread stories from humans like you and me.

How I built it

Using GitHub and Typeform

Challenges I ran into

Privacy policy Efficient way to spread the idea ## Accomplishments that I'm proud of -Webpage completed and functioning ## What I learned I learnt: How to make a webpage HTML basics, CSS, Javascript -Legal clauses in terms of privacy and personal data ## What's next for Covidstory -Spread the platform and start telling stories -Change the design

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Webpage and questionaire is fully working!

What I learned

Programming, legal stuff about personal data and mostly I learnt from  human's stories

What's next for Covidstory

Spread the word!

Try It out



css, html, javascript

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