I have been building and testing a population health manager that I made for ACO's, it focuses on prevention but for this hackathon I shifted the focus to outpatient management so that I could use some of the same population health management tools but applied to this pandemic.

What it does

Covie helps you track and report coronavirus symptoms

  • Report symptom
  • Covie follows up w/ you see if symptom goes
  • a) Goes away
  • b) Gets better
  • c) Gets worse
  • Sends the data to your Dr. via email.
  • Allows your doctor to login and create or assign you an automated outpatient management protocol.
  • 24/7 patient monitoring of your symptoms

How I built it

  • I created a custom COVID-19 protocol
  • Found several workflows for handling COVID-19
  • Loaded them into DM
  • Setup a fork of DietManager called OutpatientManager
  • Modifying DietManager so that it will support food/nutrition interventions and Rx ones e.g.: COVID

Challenges I ran into


Accomplishments that I'm proud of

23 people have used it so far

What I learned

How to generate text using Knowledge Distillation and GANs

What's next for Covie

  • Improve the NLP
  • Improve detection of symptom progression vs regression
  • Hook into my population health manager
  • Improve patient feedback loop
  • Setup better metrics and. automated outcome verification

Try It out



graphql, ml, node.js, react, ruby, ruby-on-rails, twilio, typescript

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