The virus has affected humanity in various ways, be it our economy, our freedom of movement and the loss of our loved ones. Then how do we live as comfortably and safely with this virus around?

CoviFight alerts me about the chances of me catching the virus if I have come in contact with these people within the past three weeks. It also informs the healthcare system accurately about the spread of infection.

We develop a three-tier app: A users app, a providers app and an officials portal.

CoviFight uses the Bluetooth and GPS of your phone, where the data is encrypted using a secret key, and no one can view it without your permission. It only traces the past data of positively tested patients. This way, your privacy is maintained.

By using Geo-fencing, machine learning and social networking analysis, we predict your chances of catching the infection, so that you can take preventive measures.

A provider's app for aggregation points like shops, restaurants and public transport synchronises with the nearby user app. This interface is the key to the detection of infection points, be it a stationary workplace or a moving vehicle. If McDonald's installed CoviFight and had an infected customer in the past 15 days, all the customers after the positive tested patient would get alerted, and hence the restaurant can be sterilised.

Only the medical system may update a person's status over the officials portal, and the authenticity of the app is maintained.

The app also generates a map with hotspots for what places have virus traces, so that people can prevent travelling at these places and authorities can sterilise or lockdown these places efficiently rather than imposing a complete lockdown of the nation.

Over the past few weeks, a few students from BITS Pilani and VIT Vellore came together and worked day and night to make this app. We aim to end this pandemic and bring freedom back to people.



firebase, google-directions, har, java, machine-learning, maps, python

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