Inspiration comes from the ideas and jokes discussed with my colleagues, after which it started to look like a useful and needed application in our current situation. People are in need of connection as never before, but there is no platform as simple as that available to instantly help get connected with the purpose to actually contribute to the solidarity movement initiated as we fight coronavirus now. We want to launch one centralized platform for the above-described purpose and extend it with features like psychologist rooms, top recommended activities (such as online courses) to do while quarantined, sharing costs of delivery of goods with your neighbor, possibly classrooms and make this product look like an interactive game with character stats advises on what to get when shopping and how to behave properly to minimize risks.

What it does

Connects people who seek help and those willing to help out. Based on the "swipe" idea of Tinder.

How we built it

We will build it using XCode IDE and Swift programming language with the help of ready to use libraries such as SwipeCards and UIKit UIPanGestureRecognizer

Challenges we ran into

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

The motivation behind the idea of helping one another is to receive reputation points that will open new features inside the app as you progress in it as in the computer game receiving new valuable advices on how to protect yourself, your family and how to properly do the mundane required things like shopping for groceries, meds, going to the hospital and work.

What's next for CoVinder

After the CoVinder prototype is presented, new features should be added and tested and the beta versions of the application should be distributed via the App Store.



firebase, hp, macbook, swift, swipecards, xcode

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