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Our inspiration to build covmunity is because lot of people lack of knowledge about Covid-19, there are some  people who don't know where to ask about stuff related to Covid-19, so we want to make a place for everybody to give advice/information or answering someone question.

What it does

Covmunity is a website crafted with laravel, this website have a purpose to serve a reliable information from Administrator and an Information/Question provided by user, everyone can ask/replies question in a forum, and everyone can reply to it, there's no limition of the user, EVERYONE can use this forum the same way as everyone else.

How we built it

Covmunity is a responsive Web Application, we are using a responsive front-end template provided by Argon-Dashboard, using a php framework named Laravel v6.x for the back-end, and using Mysql for the database. We build a fancy looking website but still maintain the website to be user-friendly for all human being, someone can register to the site by only provided 3 things (Name, Email, Password) and it only takes about 30 seconds to register, then the user can login with email and password their register before. There are a real-time data of Covid-19 around the globe and a line chart of development of Covid-19 day-by-day, there's a profile page to change your nationality and forum for the discussion between user.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into so many challenge, since this pandemic is not very well-known, we have to find reliable information related to Covid-19 for providing to our user, we're have some problem with a real-time data because some API Endpoint is not fast update and not provided a specific data as we want, there's a problem too in the deployment because we don't have any resources such as VPS and Domain, instead of not making it only, we host the website in one of our team server and domain.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud to be a human who can help each other, there's nothing we can do to have a good impact in this pandemic, so we build a website to provide user a reliable information and to start a discussion related to Covid-19, in the end we are very proud for being participant on this Hackathon because that's what makes us a Human.

What we learned

We learning a lot of new things from a different perspective, we learned about how the front-liners working really hard to take care of the pandemic, we learned to sort a reliable sources, we learned to share an important information, but the most important thing is we learned to be a good human being for helping each other.

What's next for Covmunity

Covmunity is still a young website, there's many bugs, there's not much feature and there's something we need to improve, we really wanted to make this website a bunch of feature in order to reduce the impact of Covid-19, we want to make a self diagnosis feature and a mobile application for the user to get a fastest and reliable sources of information, there's a lot of feature coming soon.

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