McMarvin is an AI research & development startup based out of Bengaluru, India. We are exploring the untouched areas of Healthcare and solving it using Artificial Intelligence medical imaging technologies. There is a current epidemic in India due to Novel Coronavirus and here we don't have RT-PCR kits for mass testing. There are more than 600 people found to be positive and it's entering into the stage-3. For this reason our team worked day and night to develop an application which can help radiologist and doctors by a mini-EHR and COVID-19 detection system.

What it does

Our COVID-19 AI diagnosis platform is a fully secured cloud based application to detect COVID-19 patients using chest X-ray and CT Scans. Our solution has a centralized Database (like a mini-EHR) for Corona suspects and patients. Each and every record will be saved in the database (hospital wise). Following are the features of our product: 1.Artificial Intelligence to screen suspects using CT Scans and Chest X-Rays. 2.Smart Analytics Dashboard (Hospital Wise) to view all the updated screening details. 3.AI-based detection and segmentation & localization (coming soon) of infected areas in a chest scan. 4.Centralized database (only for COVID-19 suspects) to keep the record of suspects and track their progress after every time they get screened. 5.PDF Reports, DICOM Supports, Guidelines, Documentation, Customer Support, etc. 6.Fully secured platform (Both On-Premise and Cloud) with the privacy policy under healthcare data guidelines.

How we built it

We built it using deep neural network and got accuracy around 95% on training data and 88% on testing data. Our team have developed the application using Flask micro-service, JavaScript, and Sqlite. We have used several functionalities for security of the platform and data. For the deployment purpose, we are currently exploring several web services like AWS and Azure.

Challenges we ran into

There is always a challenge to bring a new concept and we also faced some challenges. The biggest one is good amount of validated data. Due to the lockdown in country, we are not able to meet and discuss with radiologists for domain expertise.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are in regular touch with the State Government (Hyderabad Government). Our team presented the project to the Health Minister Office and helping them in stage-3 and 4.

What we learned

Learning is a continuous process. Our team learnt "the art of working in lockdown". We worked virtually to develop this application to help our government and people.

What's next for Covnatic: COVID-19 AI Diagnosis Platform

Our research is still going on and we are talking with several State Health Ministry to get data of corona infected patients for even better accuracy and robust platform.



amazon-web-services, flask, javascript, keras, opencv, python, sqlite, tensorflow

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