Idea Overview: CovSuperApp is a crisis management and navigation superapp and digital platform, providing the most frequently used daily services and help that matters during the crisis, all in one app, bringing ultimate convenience and value to users.

The solution aims also at providing a participatory-based and virtual communities-driven data/information platform for multi-stakeholder crisis response action, using a system of unique identification of challenges, people, institutions, objects, actions, resources and outcomes to empower meaningful and rewarding citizens’ and youth's action for the common good.

Value Propositions: Two main values for the users and the community/

1- Providing highly-used daily services and support to people in every country/national region/city/town to navigate the Coronavirus (and any other future crisis).

2- Providing a digital- and technology-driven platform that will help to engage multistakeholders to respond effectively to the current Coronavirus crisis, enhance collaboration and increase resilience on local, regional and global level to future crises.

What It Does

The all-in-one online-to-offline-to-online (O2O2O)  super app/platform for users to access an innumerable number of services including: ordering food & groceries, shopping online, get all-kind of help and support from the local community, a messaging platform between healthcare professionals, social/nelp networking platform, useful links by country,  access to third-party services, get updates about the Covid-19, access to telehealth support, get mental health help and useful tips, access to public services, access to learning resources, read articles and newspapers, volunteering information, remote job opportunities, access to trusted source of news and information, etc.

It’s basically a mix of a social media network, on-demand multi-services platform, solidarity and coordinated action platform, learning platform, telehealth platform, marketplace/classifieds, volunteering platform, remote jobs board, and useful resources gathering app.

DATA IMPACT: Potential Impact beyond Managing & Navigating the Crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic is holding the world in a medical, social and economic stranglehold and has forced world leaders to take unprecedented measures and actions. These measures help dampen the spread of the virus, however, have devastating impact on the economic activity resulting in possible recession and high unemployment.

Managing how the lifecycle of a pandemic (COVID-19 likely will not be the last pandemic the world will face) develops is a primary concern of policy makers and industry leaders. As tools covering early warning, fast response, curve management and back-to-normal approaches become indispensable, so do the availability of the right data and ways to analyze such data.

DeepCrisis: Data & AI Against Any Crisis

Modern digital technology, like mobile phones, data analytics, AI, platforms, and social media offer a unique set of tools to provide and analyze data, to model, communicate and influence behavior and help manage pandemic lifecycles.

For this our super-app/platform could hold a technology (DeepCrisis) that could provide the following data analytics and outcomes benefits:

  • Alert or monitoring system using mobile DATA.
  • Info provisioning and sharing DATA relevant to COVID-19 (and future crises).
  • Systematic DATA analysis in different countries/regions, populations and age groups (allowing for more targeted responses).
  • Integration of epidemic and economic DATA in order to drive more accurate societal impact analysis.
  • Multi-systems modeling, data analytics, and prediction of the epidemic/crisis and and outcomes of the action system putted in place.

The Impact of “Digital Innovation Driven Community & Multi-stakeholders"

In the current Covid-19 crisis, many societal stakeholders like citizens, local communities, schools, universities, companies, civil society organizations, etc. notice that that they have valuable resources to contribute to an effective, equitable and sustainable response to the crisis. But there is a lack of coordination and innovation capacity among existing public institutions on local, national and international level – the natural leaders for public good delivery collaboration.

In this light, the CovSuperApp will have a dedicated digital platform that works with the concept of "micro-services" inspired from the software/web/app development/technology sector.

The platform will have the following features:

1- Allowing the local and global multistakeholders to cordinate, empower, and engage their resources to better act against the crisis. 2- The creating of local, regional, and international digital- and technology-driven virtual communities that will help to respond effectively to the current Coronavirus crisis, enhance collaboration and increase resilience on local, regional and global level to future crises.

How We Built It

The tech stacks are:

  1. For mobile - Native Android and iOS + Native Cross platforms (React Native + Flutter).
  2. Infrastrcuture : AWS and Google Cloud platform.
  3. Backend : NodeJS (ExpressJS) and Golang.
  4. Frontend: ReactJS.

What We Learned

We learnt that this crisis is going to pass. But this solution is ALWAYS needed to tackle any other crisis in the future.

That's why we believe that this solution needs to be built to be prepared in the future.

What's Next for CovSuperApp

This solution will be deployed globally during the Coronavirus era and during any kind of other future crisis.



amazon-web-services, express.js, flutter, golang, google-cloud, node.js, react, react-native

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