The story of our project dates back ten centuries! we live in a great community in Algeria called "M'zab valley", our Wise men had a great way to cope with crises, At the time of CoVid-19, we were called as students to supervise the Office of the Crisis Cell in our town, and we thought about launching a digital project as a wonderful additional value for our society. and there were Criscell comes Alive :)

What it does

Criscell a website and Phone App. When Crisis happens people need to calm down and find solutions to the problem in the fastest way they can. A crisis cell is a small group of experts who guide and decide in times of crisis. In critical times crowds are Hard to control, bigger crowds are more harder, so experts suggest to divide people to small communities to best control. In our town we created a crisis cell that manage our community’s needs and organize volunteers to the best, healthiest solutions and avoid worsts scenarios. So we wanted to share to the world our experience! :)

How I built it

Criscell All developped during VersusVirus! From the idea, design (logo, web pages, appmication...)...

  • Mohammed was working on the Application (Android development)
  • Slimane worked on the backend and the frontend.
  • Oussama did the designing UI/UX stuffs and a little bit frontend and some app developping.

Challenges I ran into

finding a free hosting, we run out of time ...

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

thinking, building and realizing a Website AND an android App in less than 48 Hours!

What I learned

I learned a mot about Html / Css and I strengthened my skills in Java.

What's next for Criscell

  • add more functionalities to our project so it covers all what users/volunteers/doctors/managers need.
  • more flexibility.


Criscell - Website project

Criscell - App project

Criscell - Api

Criscell - Website

Criscell - Presentation

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