The pandemic can become an economic crisis, but with our Crisis Exchange it does not have to!

All over the world, there are some businesses struggling now with skyrocketing demand for critical goods (medical and protective gear, reactants, disinfectants, food producers). They lack production capacity and resources and so they are impelled to turn contracts potentially worth millions. Also, some services are in higher than usual demand. Think, for instance, about home delivery of food and medicines. Simultaneously, halted businesses have the resources that are not earning anything. This is a structural imbalance in need of a quick fix.

Crisis Exchange by Team 4NOEN helps critical industries increase production of goods in shortage due to crisis. Here, they can easily find suitable capacities, raw materials, and workforce currently vacant in crisis-harmed businesses, which can be saved by extra income. Those who need extra capacities and resources can quickly and easily find those who have them.

We need a solution where vacant resources and capacities find their way quickly to where they can contribute to production of critical goods. This can be done also anonymously because companies may be afraid to signal difficulties to their competitors and suppliers.

It is a simple, real-time, two-by-four interactive industrial marketplace – where those (1) who need and those (2) who have, quickly exchange (1) production capacity, (2) workforce, (3) raw materials, and (4) finished goods. Textile companies can produce masks, liquor factories – disinfectants, plastic producers – protective glasses, if they team up with the critical goods producers. Governments must also help with quick certification and permits for re-oriented businesses. We may even see a boost in exports.

This idea works best during crisis. But it is not limited to critical times only. As a B2B marketplace, this Crisis Exchange can remain operational after the crisis is over. It will guarantee that resources are used thoughtfully and sparingly - for the sake of more sustainable ways to run our economies. It is a globally scalable idea, which is perfectly usable on any local level.

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