Given the stringent measures and personal importance of ‘social distance’, there is increasing anxiety at shoppers with regards to going into crowded stores, and government enforcement to comply with measures on a maximum number of clients in stores. Also, store-staff feels uncomfortable in managing these restrictions.

What it does

Grocery stores can facilitate social distancing into the store by using online scheduling tools to help shoppers reserve spots.

With regards to scheduling shopping-trip-slots, we consider working with selected partners. For example, OpenTable thinks that retailers can use a light version of Opentable software (app or web) to manage how many people retailer wants to allow in at any period of time/location of the store. Then retailers could put an HTML booking widget on their website, Opentable could also feature them in the app (in 8 countries) so Opentable diners can make a reservation to visit the store. Opentable could also put this inventory into their other channels. Lots of possibilities.

Alternatives are Qudini ( who have a solution for footfall orchestration specifically designed for High Street retail (they are offering to install for free and waive license fees “until the crisis passes”)  and/or Atobi (, a staff engagement tool to enable real-time engagement with store staff.  Capgemini will manage the solution and its integrations.

How we built it

Challenges we ran into

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

What's next for Crowd density analysis




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