I have friends, who are entrepreneurs. Denis, Natalia, Sergey, and Victoria. They all lead their businesses. They've built cozy cafes where I spend hundreds of hours with my friends, event agencies, which brought joy and chill times to me and my acquaintances, book stores and fitness rooms. Obviously, all of them struggle through difficult times of the crisis. An extreme shortage of profit made them cut their personnel, salaries, and their entrepreneurial spirit goes down.

I don't really like how they feel.

As we are in this economically contrast situation, where one businesses suffered the most, where others are well and might even prosper, it's important to create tools to re-finance businesses that are going through hard times + give those businesses a place to voice their needs.

Want to build a platform, where all-sorts-of businesses in need can tell about what they do and why they need financial help now. Want to build a platform, where people can come, and contribute even 100 euro to make sure the business will live.

What it does

The platform helps struggling businesses to voice themselves and source hundreds of microinvestments to stay alive, And give opportunity to anyone contribute their funds in form of investments to any business owner to help them survive, and potentially earn some dividends after the crisis is over.

How I built it

Just an idea. Need to start it from scratch.

Challenges I ran into

Need to sort out the investment and fundraising part with an expert. It's quite a complicated part to make all parties be financially safe eventually and also needs lots of legal advisory.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Not applicable for the current project.

What I learned

Probably, that dedicated minds build great stuff together.

What's next for Covinvest

Get a team. Get those who are interested to build the platform, get some consultancy on the legal part, and help promising businesses and their owners survive the crisis.



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