Provide a life support system in hospitals and companies.

What it does

It intake data from people machines and environments and act in eletrical/pneumátic systems. Basicly the device can works as a automated system to help healthcare professionals stay away from contamination and provide a system of microcontrolled pneumatic valves and pumps to be used as ventilators.

How we built it

Using additive manufacture, microcontrollers with wifi and bluetotooh conection and redemesh tecnology with cloud computing data processing.

Challenges we ran into

encapsulate a valve system combined with an electronic medium voltage controller in a small space, as well as the minutuarization of electronic components

Accomplishments that we're proud of

simplification of complex systems in just one device

What we learned

that solutions must be oriented to a service, because initially we had all focus on the development of the product itself

What's next for Cubee

manufacture on a large scale and create a safer environment in hospitals



altium, bluemix, c++, esp32, javascript, solidworks

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