We saw multiple digital businesses offering coupons during the current lockdown, to be used after the situation stabilized. We saw that this was a great way of keeping businesses afloat.
The same luxury couldn't be afforded to undigitized local businesses - micro, small, & medium enterprises. It could be argued that these businesses and business owners needed it more.

We then began work on a platform to digitize these MSMEs and get them the help they need - liquid capital in these trying times.

What is it?

DaanCorona, an online platform for buying coupons for India's largely undigitized small & medium businesses market. Customers buy a gift card now and use it later when the situation improves.

How does it work?

Our platform is currently a webapp and an Android application. Business owners get verified and register their accounts on the platform. Customers can see their favourite local businesses - grocers, theatres, laundromats, cafes, plumbers, clothing boutiques, salons, and many others. Customers contribute a sum of money and get a voucher/coupon in return, with the promise of being assured a value greater/equal to it, once the business is operational again.
We wish to target smaller MSMEs, who don't have any/ don't have a strong digital presence and do not offer a voucher program as of yet. However, other businesses shall have access to it as well.



android, angular.js, google-maps, google-places, node.js, razorpay

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