As coronavirus (COVID-19) became a global pandemic, governments have issued guidance for members of the business community to work remotely. We took up the challenge to improve the efficiency for the businesses who are facing challenges managing their work and who find it hard to plan tasks for their team during remote working. To counter this we have come up with a solution DailyPloy [] which will help in meeting all your tasks, resource, project planning in one place.

What it does

Our goal is to make a one-stop solution for all the planning and collaborating needs which will help the businesses around the globe who are working remotely in this Covid -19 situation irrespective of their domain to improve their productivity to the next level, while we plan their tasks effectively.

How I built it

Our Team came up with an idea of making a one-stop solution for all the planning and collaborating needs which will help the businesses around the globe who are working remotely irrespective of their domain to improve their productivity, while we plan their tasks effectively.

  1. DailyPloy is a full-fledged ecosystem that facilitates team's to collaborate on a single system to manage projects and resources. It will be your Digital office, where people can create/view one’s task in real-time.
  2. The ecosystem includes a dashboard of Team planning which will have each member in one place and one can create/view one’s task on the dashboard and can see their team members task too in real-time
  3. We have observed that the easy availability of systems improves chances by 40% that users will use it consistently.  Hence we have provided our Web, Mobile and Desktop Applications to the user so that users can add, track, edit tasks on the go. You can download the applications at Dailyploy []  for more information
  4. Shared Time Tracking/ Logging module to get visibility on who is working on which task and who needs assistance to complete their job.
  5. Recurring tasks module to ensure that you don't waste time creating the same tasks again. Our system classifies the task as recurring and will schedule it automatically at scheduled intervals which will save up your time.
  6. Summary and Detailed View and MIS Reports which will help the team managed to get a clear idea of the availability of their resources and helps in resource allocation based on real-time data fetched from the system
  7. Use of Automation to follow best project management practices like Automated Daily Status emails, Automated Team and Project report email.

Challenges I ran into

The major challenge was to ensure that the system does not become counterproductive while using it. So we have used extensive automation to ensure that the user is not troubled for following the project management practices. We are on the path of making it more automated so that the user can synch up their activity from other systems as well. Also, there was another challenge that the system should not be only online as there is a problem of internet connectivity in many places around the world. So we tried to make our system available in offline mode also using our mobile application.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  1. Real-time Visibility of who is working on which tasks which will help the businesses and team to get clear visibility to plan out tasks for the team and get status updates without frequent synch up and update calls
  2. Use of Automation to reduce time wastage in following project management practices.
  3. View and download Automated MIS and project reports.
  4. Easy availability of the system in the form of Web, Mobile, and Desktop Application.

What I learned

We have learned that if there are proper productive software made available in the future then it could transform how we work remotely and the world can move towards working remotely so that there is very less financial loss when such unwanted circumstances occur.

What's next for DailyPloy

We are trying to add integrations of JIRA, Trello, Slack so that user does not have to go anywhere when it comes to daily project planning and managing needs. We are also trying to use integrate Artificial intelligence so that the system suggests the user on planning, managing front. Follow us on Twitter [] and Linkedin[] and Facebook[] for Future updates on this product

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