Small brands are struggling because of the crises to find affordable manufacturers to their decreased orders as MOQ's for conventional manufacturing methods are quite high and producing small amounts is not efficient. Many Asian manufacturers have stopped operating and will not survive the crises, jewelry brands need new efficient and sustainable ways to keep operating and fulfilling their orders.

Creators, travel bloggers, apparel brands and many other types of businesses need to expand their field of activities and entering fine jewelry is a way to get new clients and increase their online revenue. We help brands and companies to enter the jewelry game without any expertise or investments.

Jewelry manufacturers are closing down and laying off their employees as luxury market is getting hit real hard and their orders are rapidly decreasing. We help conventional manufacturers to virtually integrate 3D printing to their process, so they can compress their processes, save on using less resources and continue operating with much smaller amount of employees.

Our user-friendly Cloud factory platform will connect demand with suppliers to offer responsible, sustainable, fast and affordable precious metal manufacturing and change the unchanged precious metal market on a global scale.


In 2016 one of our Founders, Taavi Kikas, who was working for TalTec University and has been into 3D printing scene for already over a decade, building and developing software , met a former pro skater and a TV personality Bam Margera, who had fled the states to beautiful Estonia to fight depression.  Bam and Taavi met through a common friend and instantly the idea to print something for Bam was put into their heads.  From that meeting Bammerch was born. Bam got E-residency, a company was registered and we started manufacturing our jewelry items, collaborating with scientists from TalTec and using University printers that were only available for us twice a week during night time.

How we built it

Soon the project grew to new heights and we were facing the facts that without our own factory, we cannot proceed.  We decided to move from titanium and stainless steel to precious metals like silver and gold. After getting a government grant in 2017 we developed new printing parameters for a industrial 3D printers and a manufacturing process that enabled us to offer Turn-key service for sustainable and affordable fine jewelry.  In the beginning of 2018 we got financed by Estonian business magnet Armin Karu and successful serial entrepreneur Andrei Korobeinik and were able to build our own factory, expanding from our personal brand Bammerch and started to offer manufacturing service on a global scale for a wide range of businesses. Our clients are artists', creators', and sports', merchandise, corporations, jewelry brands and manufacturers.

What it does

Today, Cloud Factory has validated the capability to offer fast affordable and super sustainable service for fine-jewelry. We are offering a full A-Z service dealing with design, 3D modelling,on-demand manufacturing, branded packaging and even drop-shipping. Our service is user friendly and we help our clients with every aspect of the service on a extremely personal level so that our clients don't need to have any specific knowledge of precious metals, 3D modeling or 3D printing. We guide our clients from a wish to enter the jewelry market to benefiting form a passive revenue stream. Now our goal is to decentralize our manufacturing with small 3D printing hubs that can offer local service that drastically decreases transportation resources, delivery times and even cost of the goods.  The virtual no-inventory warehouses are semi-automated, meaning that the printers are operated remotely and the rest of the process ( manually detaching the items from the printer and post-polishing them are done by two or three local employees.)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Cloud Factory is currently offering a responsible type of manufacturing service no one else in the world is offering that enables a wide range of businesses to easily add a passive revenue stream and enter the fine-jewelry market to benefit from their fans and following. Our service helps clients during each phase of the service on a very personal level and guides them through the process without any expertise or effort from their side.

Our technology enables to bring the green technologies into the highly pollutive and often unethical fine jewelry market.  We are a near zero waste company as our manufacturing produces almost no waste metal and even from that tiny amount we are able to recycle more than 95% of it.  Direct 3D printing is super fast, so we can offer on-demand manufacturing, making only items that already have an owner.  3D printing enables us to use less of all resources including time, material and human labor as it compresses the conventional manufacturing process by skipping or shortening any of the production steps like casting and molding.  Compared to conventional jewelry factories that need special pollution permissions, using direct metal 3D printing technology for jewelry manufcturing emits 80% less CO2 and after decentralizing the service providers our carbon footprint would be around 90% smaller compared to all other fine jewelry manufacturers.

Our struggles

Most complicated part has been validating our manufacturing ways. 3D printing has been a tool for prototyping and clients tend to be sceptical before seeing and touching the products personally.  We wanted to be absolutely 100% sure about our quality, sustainability, scalabilty timeframes and cost before decentralizing and focusing on sales as along the way we were finding the right suppliers to mach our responsible thinking andfiguring out how to maximize the quality and output while minimizing the manual work, timelines and use of resources.  In January 2020 we got funding from the chairman and owner of the biggest and oldest jewelry manufacturer in Estonia. This was the reassurance that we needed to continue building a next generation network for precious metal manufacturing that will shape the way we consume, make and think of fine jewelry.

What's next for Decentralized 3D printing network for precious metals

Our next step is to build an easy-to-use platform for our global clients to easily enter the fine jewelry game without any expertise, get instant quotes, order their products with only few clicks and track every aspect of our transparent and ethical manufacturing service. Platform will also enable our clients to easily create from scratch or personalize already existing jewelry items.

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