Fight against global coronovirus infection

What it does

Disinfects objects, medical equipment, rooms from the coronovirus. Reduces panic and depression among the population and medical personnel.

How I built it

Creation of disinfecting devices. Application of new technologies. Development of a set of training and awareness courses. Using the achievements of psychology, coaching, information security, cybersecurity.

Challenges I ran into

Lack of statistical information about the real picture of the distribution of coronovirus. Lack of project financing. A large amount of false information and manipulation in social networks and the media.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

new coronavirus disinfection technology with physical fields safe for people. Methodology for the provision of psychological assistance.

What I learned

physical principles of coronavirus destruction. Basics of personal information security and coaching.

What's next for DeCOVID

The devices will be used for the disinfection of the premises of mobile hospitals, residential and public buildings, for the personal protection of people and medical personnel, for the disinfection of mechanical ventilation apparatus, clothing, furniture, postal parcels. The proposed technology can help treat and protect people in the midst of viral pandemics. Together with training and psychological assistance, technology will help combat the global crisis.


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