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Meet Maya. She is a junior at some university.  She has three bank accounts.  She sometimes gets charged for overdraft because she doesn't keep track of her accounts and the pending charges in her account. She recently got a credit card because her friends told her about the rewards and credit score. She likes to drink Starbucks every day. She thinks she is 21 and it's too early to be worrying about her finances. Sometimes, she wants to learn more about managing her accounts and meeting with people to discuss but she is afraid. Someone help her out before its too late.

What it does

My app, Deep Pocket, is a decentralized App created using Blockstack with react. It is a go-to place for people like Maya who wants a one in all app that will help them to manage their own finances while learning about how to do it in a better way. It extracts all the bank accounts and information from your banks and then creates a visual representation of it so that you are aware of your current and available balance. Not only that, but Deep Pocket also provides you with the options to meet up with people, to learn from several free online courses and show you budgeting skills so that you're good to go for life.

How I built it

I built it using Blockstack with Plaid API that extracts all the bank information of the user (multiple banks as well) including accouns, transactions, and assets. I used chartJS to create the graphs and Quandl to get the stock price prediction so that we know what our investment looks like

Challenges I ran into

I was new to Blcokstack so it took me some time to get ahold of it. Other than that, I ran into some issues with quandl because it only gave me the stock prices up until 2018 and it was too late to discover other API for stocks

What's next for Deep Pocket

Implementing more functionalities and trying to get the meetup to work with google maps.

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blockstack, chart.js, express.js, node.js, plaid, quandl, react

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