CONVENTIONAL CLINICAL TRIALS challenges:  1- Ineffective measures and insights to monitor the trial process;  2- Manual and paper-based process; 3- Do not monitor the patient’s stress levels and quality of life (QoL);  4-Lack of effective data management and reporting tools;  5- Rising costs.

What it does

DeepTrial is the Operating System for Pharma and Biotech. We provide a "Digital Health Platform/Ecosystem" for: Clinical Trials (before, during, after trial), Personalized/Precision Medicine, and Health Economic Modeling. Our non-invasive monitoring system/platform captures the patient’s physical/mental health conditions; estimates the  patient’s stress levels, health conditions, and quality of life (QoL);  and transmits the data/insights/reports to the respective pharma company or clinical  research institution.

How I built it

SaaS intelligent personalized and precision medicine.

Challenges I ran into

  • Building partnerships with pharma and biotech companies.
  • Access to clinical trials data.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Finished the first MVP.
  • Tested a feature of the product with Pfizer Research; that estate the quality of life (eQoF) of cancer patients during the clinical trials.
  • Customer discovery and validation.
  • Discussed with several pharma and tech companies and research institutions for potential partnerships (Pfizer, Sanofi, GE Healthcare, Institut Pasteur).
  • Participated in the EIT Health Accelerator Program.

What I learned

Big potential to revolutionize the drug development and pharma industry.

What's next for DeepTrial

We would like to achieve the following development stages: 1- Secure partnerships with pharma and biotech companies as well as with Contract Research Organizations (CROs). 2- Product-market fit stage. 3- Complete the product development phase.


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