The ideation of this project began in the first week of March when the threat of Covid-19 was much lesser in India with majority action going in Singapore, Korea, and China. We were intrigued by the mobile app solutions the respective governments were developing. Understanding how dangerously fast the spread of COVID-19 is and imagining its impact over a country like India with huge population densities made us uneasy. That's when we decided to start DefeatCOVID

What it does

Right now, our website and the app are capable of plotting data points based on the user's symptoms on a map interface. We also provide real-time statistics on our website specifically for India.

How I built it

We started by researching how a mobile application can help curb the spread of COVID-19, and came across an Augusta University research on which a part of our idea is based. We understood a survey methodology via the research and had a simple google site collecting the survey at the very beginning. We transitioned to a static Wordpress website later. A few days into the static website we realized getting crowdsource data will require something more than a survey page. That's when we built a dynamic website with APIs and data scrappers, was made in Vue. A few days ago we revamped our UI, added a few more pages and stats, and obviously integrated the map interface. The next immediate step is stabilizing the website, making it more rigid and optimize as per marketing needs.

Challenges I ran into

Building a team wasn't easy, the first week we built and it broke completely. We stood up and made another one. Now we are about 20 strong, ranging from different parts of India and even outside India.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Proud of the team and the fact that we always kept moving forward, finding ways and adding incredible people to our fam.

What I learned

Being from a business background, I personally learned a lot about computer science terminologies and how things work together. I learned how frequent rejuvenation and keeping the team excited is important.

What's next for DefeatCovid

For us, the heatmap interface is just the beginning. We will move forward to help users diagnose themselves. Using a survey mechanism alongwith other non-invasive features like gender, age and symptoms, we are developing a supervised learning approach to predict the chances of having COVID-19. Successively, we are focused on making a modified Monte Carlo simulation model to track the spread of the pandemic from the users, who filled our surveys, based on their daily contact network, to infer next hotspots specific to a country. The future add-on feature plans are - developing a multilingual chatbot to guide users regarding the change of social structure amidst COVID and a weekly newsletter to keep interested users updated on the spread. Rest assured, we maintain the anonymity of our users to curb any kind of intrusion to their privacies.

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