Reinventing bus routing

What it does

Remove fixed routes and create custom, optimized journeys, improving customer experience and operator's bottom line

How I built it

Years of experience and code

Challenges I ran into

Solving such a complex, macrotransit problem

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Solving it! We are really proud of the magnitude of what our software can do

What I learned

The value of innovation, and how it can benefit public good

What's next for Destination Transportation

Helping Denmark! We are really excited to be here and hoping to share our solution.

Apologies if this is the wrong place, but I know we are to submit answers to questions, and I don't see another space. I've pasted the questions and answers below (formatting seems unallowed):

The problem your project solves Transporting workers and commuters safely, efficiently, and directly while saving money for the bus operators and government.  The solution you bring to the table AI software integration for busses; replacing fixed routing with demand-based routing, adjusting dynamically to rider needs and preferences  What you have done during the weekend Listen to participants, research the Danish context, learn more about COVID19 in Copenhagen, and assemble our solution The solution’s impact to the crisis Economic savings for operators and authorities, and better, faster, safer transport for people that need it most The necessities in order to continue the project Cooperation from transit authorities The value of your solution(s) after the crisis Fewer busses on the road, increase in ridership, increase in coverage area, decrease in CO2 emissions The URL to the prototype [Github, Website,...]

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