Our inspiraiton for this challenge is to think about a secure platform where third party could upload certified data to enhance real-time diagnostic and release stress to the health system. In the next steps home-testing data could also upload to the platform to provide decision maker a transparent view and release the measure step-by-step

What it does

This API reconnects all stakeholders in need of near-realtime infection and diagnostics information.​

How we built it

his API collects symptoms from user in the untested populace, can issue proximity warnings when they're contacting positive-tested  maybe still unsymptomatic patients users as soon as test results are in and synced.​

Challenges we ran into

As our team is very tiny, featuring 4 members only, we need to be able to recruit more industry specialists such as:​ Back-end and client- side API developers for sample code, professional writers for the API documentation, product marketing and medical supply chain experts, a steering committee to provide support,  requirements management and backing from swiss officials at the Swiss Public Health Care Office, others.​ Evaluation of existing local target cloud API provider and large-scale messaging solutions such as Apache Kafka needs to be widened and deepened, alternatives need research, to come to a timely recommendation for the steering committee.  ​

Accomplishments that we're proud of

A strategic plan of the digital business platform and a data model to visualize data

What we learned

We learned how many different apps have the idea but are not connected to give a broad picture of the situation.

What's next for Detect the undetected

Professional, nation-wide and maybe international marketing support for campaigning and communications to all potential stakeholders is needed for a fast rollout.  ​ Steering committee needs legal support to tackle data privacy, licensing & copyrights, geo-political, cryptographic export, banned countries and customs regulations (export product/service classification)  and other legal support questions.  ​ Seeding and funding for cloud hosting, development, testing and roll-out, set up of a legal body, if this does not become part of the swiss administration directly.  ​

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