COVID-19 has revealed weaknesses in the field of education that were no longer a secret, but have been neglected so far. While most universities and private high schools have taken teaching to a digital level, middle and elementary schools have been left alone. The existing digital homeschooling solutions don’t fit their needs due to complexity and usability. True to the motto "Developed from teachers for teachers" - Valerie a teacher herself took matters into her own hands and sparked the initial idea.


diclaro supports teachers & young pupils in their everyday struggles during and after COVID-19 with a homeschooling and e-learning software that is intuitive to use.  diclaro is addressing the issue that out of the many solutions currently available, none was tailored towards the needs of the teachers in this section. Some existing solutions offer too many features and are too complicated, others are too limited.  We aim to be the one-stop-shop for digital homeschooling focusing on the key aspects teachers & pupils need to take classes online:

  • interactive communication
  • planning lessons
  • exchanging study material diclaro is filling this gap and represents the ideal overall package; it impresses by its usability, the features and accessibility. This all while being completely free of charge.

To fulfill our ambitious aim, we implemented the following tools into diclaro:

  • Video Communication
  • Planning Calendar
  • 2 Way Data Transfer - File System management tool for study Material & Homework including Feedback to Homework

How was diclaro built?

diclaro is built with React/PHP/Java-Script and the input of over 100 teachers and mentors


We have developed diclaro within just a couple of days (Non stop working and also during the austrian hacakthon) during the global COVID-19 crisis and thereby have covered the needs of both teachers and students:

  • GDPR conform
  • no emails accounts needed by students
  • smartphone-friendly
  • public challenges
  • Communication
  • Planning of Classes
  • And much more with diclaro we wantto eliminate entry barriers through simplicity to ensure no pupil will be left behind

What we are prouf of

Currently we have over 500 teachers and over 2000 users as satisfied customers. We are working on launching apps, an English version (hackathon goals) and thereby further expanding our platform to Europe and America. Our vision is to establish diclaro on a global level in the near future.

What we want to achieve

Due to the fact that diclaro has just been developed, our next goals are to eliminate all barriers, to steadily enhance and improve this tool by listening to feedback of teachers and students, thus further adjusting it to their needs. Prospectively we are planning to offer diclaro homeschooling in over 20 Languages this year in order to scale it worldwide.

Our Vision:

diclaro - the digital classroom is the only homeschooling platform teachers and pupils will ever need.  Intuitive to use and completely free of charge, based on the needs of primary and middle school teachers. Key Features include Video-Classes, class material uploads, Planning & 2 Way Webspace.

Education should have no boundaries!

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