We all worry for the mental health of our kids, relatives, friends and ourselves. Inspired by the VERSUS VIRUS hackathon we looked for ideas and a way to measure and improve mental health of the Swiss society.

What it does

Our idea is to create an APP or implement a program on an official website of the Federal Swiss Health organisation. The APP would approach visitors with the help of a chatbot and pose questions about their actual life situation during STAY HOME time. The questions, adapted to the age of the visitor, aim to find out more about his mental health and to connect him to other Swiss APPs, which can offer help for his specific need and keep him more happy.

How we built it

For the mobile app we use the cross platform framework Flutter from Google. Thus our solution is easy to install on IOS and Android devices. The implementation of the chatbot was created using the Diagflow service. So we could prototype very easy and fast.

Challenges we ran into

First we realised ourselves that mental health has so many different aspects to tackle and it is not easy for a state to support all aspects. There are so many good initiatives in Switzerland to support other members of our society, but it needs a bigger platform to share them and make them available to the people all over Switzerland.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The crisis brought us via the hackathon together and connected our ideas in a very short time. And we were able to find solutions in the team quite easy.

What we learned

Mental health is in the responsibility of every single person, but there are new ways to support it. Especially in a crisis like this. The shutdown is extremely demanding for every person, unimportant what age. And we can help each other to improve mental health and it is important to bring the people of the society together in new digital forms, which can be supported by the Swiss government.

What's next for DigiCare

We are extremely pleased with the feedback from the organizers and hope to work with the challenge partners to solve this problem.

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dart, diagflow, flutter

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