The Digital People Network platform is a social network for professionals in the Internet environment that brings together customers and performers.

What it does

An online agency, a job site in which the main filter is the area of interest: health, ecology, beauty, education, children, etc. Examples of vacancies: web development, project manager, designer, copywriter, SEO-optimizer, YouTube content manager, etc. Within the framework of the platform, work is underway on the project - asana board is integrated, payment is not by the hour, but by task, analytics.

How I built it

I work with freelancers on a number of projects and manually select performers for each task. The desire to automate this process led to the idea of creating a platform.

Challenges I ran into

At the moment, there is no smart selection of performers for the task. The only criteria used by the freelancer base are work experience (in the time interval), deadlines, and their cost.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Principles of life and values Remote work Project management Online agency for the selection of teams for each project

Professional experience Life experience Proximity of interests How does a person navigate in the field of knowledge Satisfaction

What I learned

I learned from the first sentences in the comments to the task to determine whether the contractor suits me or not. The wording of the proposal itself gives this information.

What's next for Digital People Network

Further development of the project lies in the plane of building the system architecture of the project and developing the platform, integrating existing services for working on projects.

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