Through closing down theatres, concert halls all artists moved to online tools. Only: there is no way to play or sing online together, as latencies interrupt and focusing on one audio stream cuts multi-stream exchange. So looking for a tool, the community found, which provides solutions for this by establishing adjustable point-to-point connections.

What it does

It reduces expected latencies (single-tripend-to-end: microphone to remote speaker) in the region of (in average) (1) 500ms (2) 50ms (3) 30ms. minimal latency in ideal situations (internet connection etc.) to be expected much lower.

How I built it

Connecting existing initiatives, doing research, coding.

Challenges I ran into

Finding technical, communication and institutional partners.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Combining hackethons as method, creating a swiss edition @

What I learned

Hackethons are intense.

What's next for digital stage

Launching the website, if everything goes smooth, tomorrow. There's a beta concert at on 20th of April. Meanwhile building a community around the tool.


Martin Burr - Team Lead Tobias Hegemann - Head of Development Jan Petzold - Development Claudio Cappellari - Streaming Expert Julia Wacker - Musical Expert Julian Klein - Initiator

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