We understand that installing yet another app is a barrier. That's why we use chatbots on existing platforms. Our first platform is WhatsApp, since we have experience working with their API

Our service helps people to check symptoms COVID-19 and get information about it and also get an answer to the main question: “What should I do?”

What it does

We developed WhatsApp Bot, its features are:

  1. Diagnosis checker to get a prediction on possible infection
  2. Map of infected people and potential infected people

An example of a dashboard that displays cases can be found at link to map

User Experience

  1. Bot welcomes the user
  2. Bot asks several question about user's health
  3. Bot requests location of the user
  4. Bot gives results of diagnosis and advice
  5. Anonymous results are published at live dashboard

How we built it

We used our bot creation platform and adapted it to diagnostics use case.

We used MongoDB for live charts and intermedica API for diagnosis

Accomplishments that we are proud of

Our chat bot will help people be more aware of their symptoms and reduce number of support calls to hospitals. We hope we agreed with some Apps and they implement our solution to help people.

What's next for Diagnostics Mapman

We plan to use realtime data, so people can easily orient where is the safest area in the city, and where is the hospital with least load.

We also plan to use Facebook Messenger as a platform for our bot.

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facebook-messenger, intermedica, python, requests,, whatsapp

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