We want to stop the spread of Covid-19 and other viruses encountered in the future.

Disinfectants evaporate very quickly and can only stop a virus within one or two minutes after their use. We therefore wish to develop a long-lasting hand sanitizer that retains its anti-microbial properties for more than 8 hours proactively killing any microbes.

The hand gel forms several layers on the skin. The outmost layer contains an anti-microbial coating that captures and destroys viruses. Employing our biocompatible skin adhesive polymer hydrogel technology, we can tune our hydrogel degradability to give the ideal coverage time. In combination with an anti-microbial agent, the polymer will immobilise the disinfectant on the surface prolonging its effectiveness and ensuring your hands remain germ-free.

This technology can protect users from hand to mouth infection transmission and keeps you safe for the rest of the day.

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antimicrobes, chemistry, synthesis

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