Many charities are severely under-resourced and financially under-resourced, and therefore cannot do their jobs effectively. These associations include helping sick children, others trying to provide for refugees or the homeless, or some who provide support to the poor. Many of them often need donations to continue their work, often announcements are made, word of mouth tend to get the message across, but it is not enough to collect enough. Companies and societies or other production systems, regardless of the field in which they operate, often tend to get rid of the surplus of unused products when some people might make good use of them, many products are thrown away each year instead of being delivered to associations that would donate them. And that's how we thought about making donate.

What it does

The application, intended to companies and organizations, will highlight all associations in need of financial and material donations, which it will allow them to learn more about these and causes it defends.This solution will be able to find suitable charities in the user's local areas and show them to him.If one of the associations raises enough awareness of a company, the company can select it and fill out a form where it will provide certain details such as the quantity of products delivered, the date ... etc., and a driver will assure the dilevery of these donations.

How we built it

We made the web app and the mobile app of the solution ! The web application is made using react js and the mobile app is build using flutter.

Challenges we ran into

We took much time in the googlemaps api manipulation especially that we can't do a lot of essays per day

Accomplishments that we're proud of

the fact that we could've at least create 50 per cent of a web and a mobile application and that we learned a lot of things about the framework that we used

What we learned

we learned how to manipulate apis and discorvered a lot of libraries. we learned new concepts about the frameworks we used things that we didn't know before this hackathon

What's next for Donate

Since we didn't build all the app i guess we need to finish it and then contact societies so that they start using our app and level up awarness about the importance of donation (marketing companies) !! We are starting by donations

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axios, dart, flutter, googlemapapi, javascript, placeapi, react

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