DonateSpace is a space to help people share items in this time of crisis.

It is a web app to connect people looking for items and people with those items nearby. The app allows the user to authenticate with Google, takes their location, then allows them to submit an item to donate or look for nearby items. The app updates a SQL database with relevant user and item information.

The app is connected to the Google Cloud Platform; this platform provides user authentication and login, APIs from Google Maps for obtaining coordinates from an address, hosting for the SQL database, and user information.

I decided to take a jaunt into learning Flask, with only my previous experience of Flask being a short workshop on the basics. I typically use Node.js for backend work, so this was a completely different perspective and I found the complexity of authentication with Flask challenging. Additionally, I do not normally engage in frontend work, so this was difficult for me but a good learning experience.

The app currently does all of the details specified above. In the future, I would normalise the database and develop the user interface to be more appealing and navigable.

DOMAIN for submission: I would have tried deploying the site there but it is currently "setting up your domain".

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css, flask, html

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