With Don't Touch Men, I am focussing on a particular issue related to the spread of COVID-19: Avoiding to touch your face. During video conferences and on social media I noticed a lot of people are touching their faces without realizing it. I developed a prototype to nudge people away from this behavior.

What it does

Its function is basically to alert you when your hand is near your face. It runs in the browser, Chrome recommended.

How I built it

It is based on a Tensorflow machine learning model (BodyPix). More information is on the repository on Github.

Challenges I ran into

I am currently switching from the first quick prototype to a faster and more reliable detection.

What's next for Don't Touch Men (Mouth Eyes Nose)

To go from prototype to a wider audience I would look for roles like Data Scientists and Product Managers (how can we make a product out of this), Designers (how to educate people), Mobile / Backend / API developers (to include the detection into videoconferencing products), Testers.

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