I started this app to help my parents learn more about COVID-19. Both my parents are diabetics and are at greater risk. Later on i realized that other people can also benefit from this app as its main goal is to make people aware of  COVID-19 and help them stay up-to-date.

What it does

  • It displays important information (origin/symptoms/protection) related to Coronavirus/COVID-19 provided by World Health Organization (WHO).
  • It tracks COVID-19 cases around the world using the data provided by Johns Hopkins University and displays in a user-friendly way. These cases are also displayed on interactive world map. Additionally, it lists all the data sources.
  • It lets users search through the list of countries/regions.
  • It lets users/health care workers self-report cases with proof from trusted sources.
  • It displays COVID-19 related news feed from CNN and BBC.
  • It also has the capability to send push notification alerts to users.

Challenges I ran into

When i first started this project, one of the biggest challenges i ran into was accessing the data. I had hard time finding valid COVID-19 data from trusted sources. Later, Johns Hopkins University made their data available to public and i was able to integrate that in the app.

Other challenges were time and capital. I am a full-time Software Engineer so i had to use my personal after-work hours, weekends and vacations to see this project through. Regarding capital, most of the data processing services (e.g. Google Firebase) and other services (like Google Maps) are paid services. Due to the lack of proper budget, i had to come up with a different plan which was to use simple and free services like Google Sheets and Google Sheets script to store and process data.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud of the whole project given the lack of time and resources.

What I learned

Throughout the project, i learned more about Flutter (Flutter is a hybrid app development SDK and i am a native app developer) and some free, powerful and useful services like Google Sheets, Google Sheets script.

What's next for Doomi

I envision Doomi being a global outbreak and disaster tracker. COVID-19 outbreak started it and the app's current design is solely for COVID-19 but i think we can really utilize its features to support other future outbreaks and disasters.



android, dart, flutter, google-cloud-messaging, google-maps, ios

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