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Context:  As many countries, in Ecuador, we are facing Covid-19. We are a small developing country with huge differences in our education system. Those differences are tied to geographical location, demographical context, economic status, cultural influence, among others. Some specific problems involve teachers who don`t have specialized training on EduICT, parents who don't have time or even literacy to help their children, lack of internet access and computers/laptop/tablet/cellphone for each family user or family, low access to radio and tv frequency and equipment in some regions. Now, there is no other choice than to rethink education and move on to microlearning with a strong focus on entrepreneurship and innovation pedagogy. Also, it is time to apply omnichannel EduICT to reach those who have internet and equipment; those who have radio and tv; and, for the rest of them, come backward to pen-and-paper to give personalized material and go door-to-door to those places without any other access.  As we are facing social distance, teachers are also heroes who need physical and biological protection to reach those vulnerable students. Students without education access and maybe suffering different kind of violence. I am sure, we all know that we have the power to change the future. For this purpose, Sharing Education on a Collaborative Economy basis is a need to bring freedom and peace.

What's going on now?:  In Ecuador, we have two seasons, half of the country is trying to finish the school year with “on line classes” and the other half is supposed to start on may 4th. But, there is not internet neither devices for every student (from different ages) nor every teacher.

The solution:  Consequently, omnichannels should be applied to reach as many actors (teachers, parents and students) as possible; and, door-to-door for the rest.  On the other hand, something much more important is planning. Sometimes planning is more exhausting than teaching. Today, we can’t think that we are going to adapt the same curricula to “on line classes”. At this point, there is a need to rethink about the objectives and competences of every program. Moreover, we should be able to move on to microlearning. One possible solution is to create a network to rethink the curricula and create micro content as fast as technology could help. Also, this network can offer teaching mentoring, device donation, and volunteer in distant communities to offer education door-to-door.

Replicability:  We are sure that this solution can be applied globally.

Request:  Support our idea, our team has years of research on Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Education and we will be very happy to contribute with a Collaborative & Sharing Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Education Framework.

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