Our Inspiration

We are a team of 3 juniors in high school, at times it's difficult to stay productive with the sudden switch to remote learning. So, we wanted to create a program inspired by the Pomodoro method with our own little twist to make studying fun.

What Is Our Program?

The Pomodoro method is a way of studying that increases focus by studying in intervals and taking short breaks in between. With our program, we gamify learning by making the Pomodoro experience more interactive and customized. We give the user choices of dishes and kitchens to cook in, making the studying process more rewarding.

How We Built It

We used HTML, CSS, tears, and JS to code and Figma for our design.

Challenges We Ran Into

Getting our project to be responsive, learning more advanced JS concepts along the way, and coding without sacrificing our design.

Accomplishments That We're Proud Of

We created a project that will benefit students by helping them get into the rhythm of studying and this is something we'll get use out of daily, our original design, and being ambitious and challenging ourselves with a larger project we haven't done before.

What We Learned

If you're going to put in music, make sure you have a mute button!

What's next for Doro's Kitchen

Expanding our food library, achievement system(collect cool badges), a sharing system, a donation system where every time you complete a study session money get's donated to the World Food Programme.

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