Living in the time of such a pandemic which marks a historical movement. People from all around the globe have to stay and work from inside their homes. This makes it difficult to do even basic tasks such as grocery and essential items shopping.  Keeping the contact minimum is a must in such a situation but with regular shopping, it is difficult to do so. So our proposed solution is that similar to normal online shopping, people can place orders for items in their local shops. The shops would then fill your order and you can go pick it up. This kind of service, thus ensures that people maintain a safe social distance yet don't face any problem with their normal routine life. So, we wanted to implement it in such a way that it is accessible to as many people as possible.

This is the first hackathon for two of our members and the first online hackathon for all four of us. Our team had a diverse range of majors: one CS major, one IT major, one CSE major and one mechanical engineering major. Thus we had a variety of opinions. It was a learning experience for all of us. Because only one of us was fluent in HTML/CSS. All of us had some basic experience but definitely, we all learned something in this short span of time.


  1. Aditya contributed to the login page.
  2. Riddhi made the home page for the website.
  3. Vrishank made the adding to the cart menu.
  4. Rajasi did the billing and payments page.

The main challenges faced were due to the fact that this was an online hackathon and we started pretty late in the hackathon. We had to coordinate everything remotely which was a first for all of us. It was not easy also because we just had a week to complete everything and finish the project. It was made a bit easier due to the fact that all of us are high school friends and collaborating on such a project for the first time. Another major problem we faced is that we were unable to properly integrate everyone's work into one fully functional thing.

We had split the work equally and all of us did our jobs to the best of our capabilities. This is just the beginning and all of us have many more hackathons to come and a long way to go ahead in the future.

Tech Used


  1. HTML5
  2. CSS3
  3. JavaScript

IDEs Used:-

  1. Sublime Text 3
  2. Atom

Other Resources:-

  1. Google Cloud Services - Maps API

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css3, google-maps, html, javascript

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