The current coronavirus (COVID 19) pandemic affects the economy worldwide and especially small and mid-size retail enormously. In Germany many vendors must close their doors due to lockdown - any shop and restaurant exempt from supermarkets, drug stores and pharmacies have to be closed. Delivery services are struggling handling the amount of incoming orders. For a lot of small and local shops this could cause a smashup.  Consumers, who are concerned in the current COVID 19 crisis, are either afraid to go shopping because of the high risk of infection or simply unable to go shopping because they are under quarantine. Therefore a lot of consumers prefer to go shopping online at the moment, which boosts online retail giants like Amazon, but threatens small businesses. That is why we want to support retail businesses by providing a way of selling their products online combined with a Drive-in/ drop and collect system.


Our website is especially for those shops of note which are not trading their products online yet. Online trade causes usually a lot of costs which in particular the small shops cannot afford.  For this reason our solution keeps the costs for the retail as small as possible. First of all we are not charging any fee for selling goods on our website. Furthermore there are no extra delivery costs for the retail because our system is based on a Drive-in/ Drop and Collect System. With Drive-in Market consumers can easily find the shop next door online and support local businesses by purchasing goods nearby.  A big advantage of our drive-in concept is that the client can pick up his order directly and does not have to wait for a delivery service. With guaranteed contactless shopping Drive-in Market reduces the risk of infection for consumers as well as for shop owners and employees.

What it does

Drive-in Market enables vendors to register by agreeing to follow the drive-in process requirements in their shops. Drive-in Market provides an online ordering process. Drive-in Market offers a contactless payment process.

How we built it

React js website with next db attached.

What's next for Drive-in Market

Enabling placement, payment and pickup of orders in your nearby store! Features: Online Payment.

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