Drive Safe

Drive Safe is an app that makes driving safe interactive and fun.

Using Sensors

The app uses the phone's accelerometer in order to calculate the vehicle's acceleration. The program accounts for the force of gravity and phone orientation. The program detects which way the driver is driving, and finds acceleration in m/s^2.

Using Latitude and Longitude Positioning

By recieving latitude and longitude data, the program is able to find the speed at which the driver is moving at in m/s. The program is also able to find the speed limit relative to what road the driver is on. In turn, the program is able to accurately understand when the user is driving above the speed limit.

Calculating the Driver's Score

As a team, we decided that Speed should account for 75% of the Driver's score, and Acceleration should account 25% of their score. We decided that following the speed limit should be a much higher priority than smoothly breaking the vehicle. The score is created based on the percentage of offenses that the driver has faced relative to the amount of time that they have been driving. This creates a fun interactive environment where, good driving is rewarded, and low scores can slowly be improved upon. We have designed the scoring system to be healthy and encouraging. Our hope is that drivers find enjoyment from self-improvement and safe driving.

# Calculating the user's score based off speed    As we decided, following the speed limit is a very high priority. Following the DMV handbook guidlines, the driver begins to lose        points when they go 5mph above the speed limit. The consquences have a linear increase the faster the driver is moving, encouraging      them to slow down in order to obtain a better score.

Calculating the user's score based off acceleration

Although acceleration is less important than speed, it is still extremely important for the Driver to smoothly break and accelerate.    Using the phone's accelerometer, the program grades the driver's accerleration states. Based off of DMV recommendations, our team has     developed test harnesses that remove points for unsafe breaking and acceleration.

# Using FireStore storage  The user's score data is uploaded to the fireStore system, and keeps the statistical data of each and every user's score. The database serves as a foundation for what could come to our app given more time, and the utility that the fireStore system can have.


Car safety has always been one of high importance. Our app helps work toward  driving safely in a unique and fun environment. Our goal is each driver that uses our app to not only improve their score, but become an overall better driver. Our project is also useful for services like Uber or Lift. If each driver on these services was a given score on their profile, customers find comfort in knowing that their driver is objectively safe, based on a standardized system, and drivers would continuously work on being safer drivers.

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