In this times, when we have to keep us inside of home for our own health , many people needs medication not only for the covid-19 but also for the current treatment fro another desease that we need to have to deal wit. Moreover, some people have reduced mobility, so they cannot travel to the pharmacy in order to acquire their treatment. This is what we are trying to solve. so we cannot travel to the pharmacy in order to acquire these treatment.

What it does

We propose an electronic health system based on blockchain where doctors’ medical prescriptions are stored in such a way that pharmacies can verify them. These prescriptions are encrypted and based on the patient’s identity and doctor’s credentials. The pharmacy will verify that the patient is allowed to receive the requested medication thanks to the blockchain. Once done, a drone carrying the products will be sent to the user’s location.

How I built it

We use technologies like blockchain for certify the prescriptions are encrypted and also the the patient’s identity and doctor’s credentials. We connect the blockchain with a mobile application capable to verify through face recognition te identity of the patient and then after all the verification process a drone is sent to the patients location

Challenges I ran into

The core blockchain technology needs to be integrated wit all the regulated institutions. The first validation process of the patients and doctors. The limitation of the drone range or any other transportation systems

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

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blockchain, drone, javascript, mobile-app, react, react-native, voip, webrtc

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