We are Laleh and Noushin. We are two mums and friends. We have created for other parents with Valérie a concept called DUOFAMILY that will help them go through quarantine period more smoothly.

What it does

It is about sharing child care among 2 families. I take care of both our daughters on Monday-Wednesday and Friday. Noushin does it on the other weekdays. We have been experimenting it for the last 3 weeks of quarantine. It works! We can both work, have some quality free time. Our kids get full attention and learn so much from both our families.

How we built it

We are very comfortable with our own arrangement that we wanted to share our experience and invent an easy way for other families to start doing it. This is why we decided to start this hackathon. We interviewed parents, doctors and members of the parliament and the federal office of public health.

Challenges we ran into

We wanted to make sure that our proposition is acceptable by the federal office of public health. The are the busiest at the moment, you can imagine!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We did our first ever website and first ever video of our concept.

What we learned

We learned that our solution is simple for families and we hope that they can use it.

What's next for DUOFAMILY

We are finalizing our website and negotiating with the federal office of public health for a formal agreement on our concept.

Try It out


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