Since the announcement of the President of the Republic of Madagascar Andry Nirina Rajoelina on 20 March 2020, first cases of Coronavirus have been confirmed. We can see people who are quarantined, confirmed cases, also quarantined. As a result, COVID-19 is spreading to every region of the Greater Isle, and the numbers may increase from day to day. As a result, there will be saturation in call centres, doctors and emergency rooms. That is why we had this initiative to create an online teleconsultation platform dedicated to the virus.

What it does

It allows remote consultation while protecting health care professionals, patients and citizens. Telemedicine can be seen, including teleconsultation, tele-monitoring, tele-training and tele-expertise, which will provide a health response to the current epidemic of COVID-19 in the world.

How I built it

Having first of all doctors and medical staff volunteers. Technicians competent for the development of the web platform and mobile application and especially the support of financial partners such as government, national and international organizations, etc.

Challenges I ran into

First of all, it helps relieve the pressure on doctors, hospital services and call centres, and reassure the public. Avoid the movement of patients infected with the virus, or other diseases, and thus prevent them from infecting other people. This makes it possible to fight epidemics together while exercising a first skimming between false alerts and potential patients. Secondly, telemedicine allows you to have an immediate consultation, to sort and to take to the emergency room only the most complicated cases. It therefore avoids human contact and thus minimizes the risk of cross-infection. It makes it possible to follow up on the health of people in quarantine and patients (by videoconference on RDV or immediately ). And above all, telemedicine is important to address the medical desert problem.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

During this confinement in Madagascar, we were able to participate in an online hackathan «Hackoragnavirus» launched by a citizen initiative to propose sustainable solutions that could eradicate the coronavirus crisis in Madagascar. We were among the 15 winners and E-tsabo received the second prize of the juries.

What I learned

The work, the hard work and the sharing of a common goal.

What's next for E-TSABO

The completion of the project with the maximum volunteer medical team, technicians in order to set up the platform and financial partners without which this project could not be put in place hence our participation in the Global Hack.

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