We can change the current covid situation and save a big part of our economy

Project Name

ean@home (.com prefered to a .org but the objective is to stay free to use for customers and merchants)

What you're looking for

Frontend developer, responsible of communication (english speaking with good French basis) (can be a developer if necessary), a mentor, a administrator system who has very good knowledge of scalability/security/deployment (Linux, Apache, nginx, load balancing, mongoDB, rabbitMQ), a Growth hacker Marketing/Com/Media, a js stack developer with a very good understand of manipulation images under js (frontend) to enhance the ean scanner - are Welcome

What it does

For the maintenance of independent merchants at work, it would maybe suffice to generalize the ean13 to all products, even those made by hand, they should be given an ean when they have the same name and to avoid covid-19 contagion, consider home delivery by merchants and/or his employees (why we don't yet have autonomous electric vehicle "Hey Tesla ! Go take my order at this merchant..."...) or the withdrawal but with social distancing or withdrawal in the box postboxmap(dot)com. This would allow smaller merchants and local shops and stores to continue their activities.

How I built it

Objective of the app

  • The customer can scan its ean code online (the objective is to encourage to conserve each ean and manufacturer can adapt them (removable + product name + color + size) and advertisers can adapt their advertising to include ean13 in their advertise)
  • Each demand is "geolocalized".
  • The backend app receive the demand and treat/distribute them to some specific merchant(s) (who have the product and is nearest/most closest to the customer).
  • Each merchant most closest to the customer are warned about the demand trough a live messaging system (included to the website app and to the dedicated app).
  • The merchant (or each merchant concerned by the demand) send its prices automatically and request the delivery address trough the live messaging system.
  • Mass import option for merchant
  • When a merchant scan the first time its product it was added. When the merchant has a last product in its stock, the merchant re-scan the product and it will be deleted.
  • each Merchant must manage location in its shop of their product (maybe the app can do that / to talk over)
  • The objective is to stay very simple to use...


Restart as soon as possible the economy (based on small/medium merchants) with social distance and the use of "without contact payment" (The merchant can invest in a device for that) or store pickup with social distance (we can send a time/schedule). We can also continue to use the app to support small/medium businesses/merchants/shops near you and without the use of amazon.

In a 2nd phase after covid-19 the app can be adapted (store pickup, details products, products images, etc...).

And if a 2nd crisis appears, the app is ready...


MERN, PWA, Mobile First, and maybe webRTC or equivalent with mern stack / node (like socket) to build the "ideation prototype" / (only a) demo site.

for the next step (MVP), we must talk over / discuss / debate about the stack and technologies to use (+ maybe


Governments, Region, States can lockdown the app until they are ready maybe step by stemp (masks, social distance, vaccine,...)

Challenges I ran into

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

What's next for ean@home

MVP, a live map and maybe a webRTC phone to link customer to merchants

Try It out



amqp, css3, html5, html5-api, javascript, json, localstorage, mern, mongodb, php, pwa, rabbitmq, webrtc

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