Since several years a lot of little shopkeepers are facing difficulties in developing and mantaining their businesses. In addition to this, the coronavirus crysis will surely worsen such situation, probably forcing some of them to close the activity. To help such part of the local market, our idea is to develop a new platform which allow the little shopkeepers to sell their products on-line. In such platform, each shopkeeper will be able to create its virtual shop and sell its products. The customers can buy directly on-line from their confidence shopkeepers (butcher, greengrocer, etc), experiencing the comfort of the big e-commerce websites. The customers will have the possibility of choosing between an home delivery or collect the goods directly to the shops. A registration to the portal will be required for both sellers and customers. SUch platform could be really useful not only in populatd areas, but also in small municipalities.

Shopkeepers portal After the registration and login in the portal, the shopkeepers will fulfill all the necessary information for the registration (activity, location, etc). After that, the shopkeepers will be able to add each product that they want to sell. It should be useful the usage of a barcode reader to simplify the adding of the products. After that, the shopkeepers are ready to sell.

Customers Portal After the registration and login in the portal, the customer needs to choose a location (possibly also with the help of geolocalization). Now all the available virtual shops will appear. Once that the products of interests have been selected and added to the virtual basket, the customer will proceed with the payment. As mentioned above, the customer will be able to choose between an home delivery or collect the goods by himself.


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