Based on testimonials of workers, NGO volunteers such as IWatch, and business owners, the current process of authorizations’ request lacks coordination between different stakeholders (Ministry of Interior, local police stations, ministry of technology, Ministry of Industry) and can cause the arrest of citizens who have the authorization, in case of Achref Aouadi from Iwatch for example. Additionally, the lack of a digital process to manage the authorization may hinder businesses, impact on the life of families, and slow down the efforts of volunteers who are willing to help in the fight against the coronavirus.

What it does

Manage the process of getting an authorization from the related authorities during the curfew through:  1) Connect all stakeholders on the same app: police station, checkpoints, ministry of Interior, citizens 2) Digitalize the manual process of the authorization processing: Check of documents, management of documentations, track authorizations.

How I built it

We started our research through interviewing police officers, volunteers who struggled with the authorizations request, and citizens who needed authorizations to commute between cities for an emergency. After that, our UX team researched the current related initiatives, went through 2 days of prototyping. For development, and as the deadline was close, we started the integration of the prototype the last 2 days, while waiting for the confirmation of the authorities to include the needed documents for the check and verification.

Challenges I ran into

Benchmarking and understanding the authorization process

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Developing a solution that could meet the needs of citizens and organization while respecting the confinement rules.

What I learned

Understand the process of authorizations management Detect a gap in the collaboration between the stakeholders for this service Acknowledge the institutional need for digitilization of processes

What's next for EasyAuthorize

Digitalize the whole process of authorization management with all the stakeholders Provide analytics for the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Industry to enhance the process and better coordinate the volunteers efforts with the Ministry of Health

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