Inspiration :-Farmers don’t harvest crops when cost of transport exceed market value that leads to greenhouse gases emission to environment and forms great loss for both of their income and many of natural resources as water , land fertilizers and energy that goes to produce food that no one consumes , Egypt the 5th world tomato producer imports both of fresh and processed tomato while up to 4 million ton of its tomato produce goes to waste that leads to up to 88 million m 3 of methane gas emission, rural women suffers of social norms that prevent them from working outside their homes and villages, Egypt suffers of food insecurity and high rate of unemployed, despite food dehydrators can form solution , its industry is absent in Egypt and Arab countries , thus ECO committed to turn both of huge need and wide market gab into business opportunity,

What it does :-:- ECO enables farmers for the first time turning crops surplus that usually goes to waste into powdered fruit drinks and powdered tomato sauce in shortest amount of time (average 6 Hours),store-able for several months with no need for cold storage , with minimum operation costs (mainly based on renewable energy ) and top quality that meets international market quality standards, while reducing crops bulk and weight by up to 20 times for cheaper transport and storage, creating in house sustainable income for rural women and unemployed in food processing ,to empower them socially and liberate them economically , helping families to reduce food expenses, bridge the gap of nutrient supply around the year and secure more nutrient food for their children by dehydrating fruits and vegetables in low price harvest season to be consumed in high price off season, preserving environment by reducing greenhouse gas emission and conserving natural resources by increasing efficiency of farm inputs

How we built it :-ECO is a startup founded 2 years ago as only Arab food dehydrators provider, with the technical and financial support of EU funded Switch Med program, Maser El Kheir innovating for a cause national program and Tony African entrepreneurship program

Challenges we ran into:-ECO suffers of financial weakness, it has no financial resources to achieve mass production, it needs to do modifications on its prototypes to reduce operation costs, and time

Accomplishments that we're proud of :-ECO managed to make prototypes for 3 models of food dehydrators that can serve on family, small and medium commercial scale, nominated as partner with Italian university in EU funded PRIMA program to improve food dehydration /dehydrators in Mediterranean countries, it granted a patent and 8 awards, ECO is the winner of UNDP/IDEASS/EBN international award on human development innovation

  • Shortlisted twice as national winner ENERGY GLOBE award Austria is the winner of Tony Entrepreneurship program Nigeria, it granted 5000 $ and invitation to visit Nigeria is the winner of GESR Innovating for a cause program It granted 4000$ to develop its products
  • ECO is the winner of EU funded Switch Med program , it honored by Egyptian minister of industry , granted 2000 Euro for company registration, and invited to represent Egypt in Switch Med connect conference and innovation fair Barcelona Spain November 2018, the program also sent Spanish filming team to prepare a film about ECO products to be showcased in Spain  -ECO is the winner of GREEN APPLE awards UK, -ECO received invitation for UN environment program to present its innovation in Switch Africa green conference Nairobi November 2019

What we learned :-ECO recognized that technologies that developed in industrialized countries does not always adaptable in developing countries that needs technologies more specific and can serve efficiently and economically in their local conditions forcing modern technologies in developing countries through incentives programs is not a solution and does not insure sustainability of adopting such solutions after the end of such programs

What's next for ECO food dehydrators :-ECO looks forward to get some financial support to manufacture the most needed large commercial model of its products, to establish a sister company for food dehydration and to extend its activities to other Arab and African countries that form huge blue ocean markets,

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