The world is changing. Technology progresses and everything we are accustomed to becomes unutilised. The generations are estranging from each other more than ever due to automation, and with the newly introduced quarantine this alienation will only exacerbate. Considering this, and the fact that many people worldwide do not have the access to theoretical knowledge and visual learning, our team decided that it was time for change. We were inspired by the combination of the two most important things in our lives: technology and socialization.

What it does

With the introduction of our startup “SharED”, we are merging fun, learning, and exploring all into one. This simple, yet effective program will unnoticeably be integrated into our lives, and change them for the better. “SharED”’s users will have access to hundreds of lessons, all separated by the grade and subject. The lessons will be taught by professional teachers and by pupils like us, so that even online there is a choice for preferred methods.We truly believe that the collaboration of teachers and students will aid to adopt a student-centered approach and result in meaningful and engaging learning experiences. Being high school students, we understand how important it is to take a break from all the theory and indulge into something both interesting and distracting, so we will introduce a key feature meant for that and for finding out more about the world. This feature will allow users to upload self-made videos, photos, and stories about their cities so that foreigners can see what living like a local is in different countries.

How we built it

After consulting with our team, we decided that the best way to make a library that is accessible and easy to find is by using GoogleDrive. With this software, not much effort is needed to be put in to upload materials, meaning that both our team and the users will be able to upload whatever they need with great efficiency. Teachers, students, and other users will make videos, and after reviewing the material, it will be uploaded onto GoogleDrive for others to access. The videos will be categorized by the grade and by the subject.

What we learned

We learned that working collectively is efficient, pleasant, and a good way to bring people together. This challenge gave us the opportunity to offer our solutions and to find out how well we work together.

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