I realized that when I teach to my friends zoom, I learn to use it much faster myself The goal is to provide a similar experience to community.

What it does

Web-based online webinars that focuses on the transfer of the most important skills at the moment.  Remote working and living need video call, calendar, chat, tasks - trello, documents - google suite, advertising - facebook etc.

How we built it

starting with webinars to understand what knowledge is needed and what motivates participants to pass on their knowledge as teachers - so and so

Challenges we ran into

how to get a lot of users in a short time to validate a hypothesis - failed

Accomplishments that we're proud of

if we can motivate participants to become knowledge sharers themselves - failed

What we learned

how to motivate people - failed

What's next for Educorn

become global, become sustainable in finding a business model

find motivated and sustainable team members
"test different approach with coaching and AI"

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