We believe that education innovation projects would help to revive the economy after the damage done by COVID-19 outbreak. Since knowledge, information and experience are cornerstones to the society and economy, we see that the cooperation of education institutions and businesses should become more systematic.

We see two problems in this field that need a solution:  • Education is not accessible to everyone due to different limitations • A university diploma does not guarantee a successful career

We wish to create a solution that would enable the university programmes and employers’ needs and expectations be in accordance, eg programmes taught in the universities would give future employees the skills and knowledge needed for work. That would create skilled workforce for businesses in need which is a win-win situation for everyone.

The platform will bring together students, universities and businesses, so that every curricula and university degree has value on the job market. Universities will partner up with businesses for feedback on university programmes. Universities specify skills and knowlegde acquired in every subject/programme; students join the platform and specify which programme they are on and businesses join the platform with different vacancies and skills required to fill them. When employers' desired skills and students' portfolio align, we have a match.




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